lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

Let's Put The X In Sex

Maybe some of you completely missed it, but back in the days when our name was still Ground Zero we had the pleasure of having two of the greatest pornstars ever to pose with our shirt on (yeah, I know damn well that they look better without clothes, but we had to promote the band goddamit!!) , can anybody recall it?

Hum, maybe not, so here's a little refresher for you all... and yes, they did it for real. Why? Because we're awesome, obvious ain't it? ;)

So, let's start from the beginning: before recording My Darkest Desire for The ZERO Hour EP (if you don't already have it you can download it for free here ) Andrea wrote a mail to Anita Dark ( ) asking her to record a small sentence to put as an intro to the song, without even hoping for a reply; instead she replied telling him that she was pleased about the thought, but she was more into doing maybe a couple of pics with our shirt on... Needless to say we were as happy as kids at their birthday party when we finally saw the pics!!


Obviously we couldn't ask for more, we were a perfectly unknown underground italian band without even a record out and one of our fav pornstars was posing with our shirt on... we were walking a couple of meters above the ground or so, ahahah! 

But it wasn't over yet, 'coz some time later I noticed that my juvenile crush (who didn't fall in love with her after seening one of her movies? ;) ) Silvia Saint ( ) was guesting at a local strip club, so we simply grabbed a shirt and went (without even gettind drunk, quite unusual for those days) to the club... Again, we politely gave her the shirt like kids in awe asking for a couple of pics without really hoping for her to do so, obviously you can imagine my suprise when after a bunch of weeks I opened my email and saw this:

You can bet your ass I jumped on my chair (or got an erection... humm, probably both, ahah!); not only one, but even two world-famous pornstars with our shirt on?! Holy crap, it was too much for our poor romantic hearts... ^_^ 

And that's the whole story, quite unusual, ain't it? Needless to say we had the brilliant idea to switch name to 5 Star Grave for the first record, but that's another story and it will be explained another time...

Herr Lycanthroat

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