venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Back In Blood

Well well cenobites,
some mad fool (Herr Rabe) gave me the opportunity to express my blatant dementia in a public blog, unaware of the dreadful consequences of this action, so here I am introducing you to our first "behind the scenes" interlude.

As probably some of you may know we have a brand new album out called Drugstore Hell and while doin' some warm-up shows to scratch the rust from our old bones we're also tryin' out some new stage props to see if they work or miserably fail.

So, first of all let me introduce you the gentleman here, Mr Creepy King:

He is usually a nice guy, better known as Ale, our guitar player, but he randomly turns into a rabid red monster and every time he does so he needs to purge his insania painting stuff to avoid eating children, hanging nuns or other illegal actions like that... You can see some of his works here: .

Anyway, being the artistic brain of the band he's also been charged to create our new stage outfits ('coz having him develop the new album's artwork and all the graphics we need for t-shirts, websites, flyers and random promotion was obviously not enough) and after listening to our very competent outputs on the matter ("We want blood, we want blood!", "More blood, more blood!") you can see him here diligently working on our new bloodstained shirts:

And here's how they look like after all the blood has been spilled:

Very well, we can't wait to test the new shirts on stage and tease the Creepy one once more in case they need some more treatment...
I guess it's all for now dudes, see ya next time and have a bloody weekend!

Herr Lycanthroat

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creepyking ha detto...

No regret for the bloodshed!!!

creepyking ha detto...
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