giovedì 26 settembre 2013

Live Mayhem 2013

HELLo tHERE people,
we just uploaded a bunch of live videos from one of our last shows at our official YouTube channel, so if you've never been to one of our gigs just click on the links and enjoy the show!


We are currently working on some new tracks and planning our next live appearances, if you really wanna help and support us spread the live videos as much as you can!

Your support is extremely important for us, a band ain't worth a flyin' fuck without its fans and we'll try to give you free stuff every time we can, in exchange we ain't asking you to buy our records or our merch, but simply to spread our videos and ask for 5SG gigs at your local metal promoter if you have the chance... It ain't that much after all, ain't it?

Tnx for your support dudes!

Herr Lycanthroat

sabato 18 maggio 2013

Some random blablabla

Hey there,
I haven't been updating this place for a while, sorry I've been busy and yes, it will happen agan, so you better get used to it! :D

Anyway, things are goin' quite good for us, we are writing new songs and enjoyin' playing around and having a good time.
I guess some of you also noticed that we switched drummer some time ago and let me just say that we did the best choice possible: having someone aboard that truly believes in the band and actually likes what we do is really a huge kick in the ass, it brings back all the fun that was missing lately.

We're gonna record the next show as well, so expect some live videos to pop-up in the near future...

Talk with you later dudes,
have fun!

Herr Lycanthroat

lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

Let's Put The X In Sex

Maybe some of you completely missed it, but back in the days when our name was still Ground Zero we had the pleasure of having two of the greatest pornstars ever to pose with our shirt on (yeah, I know damn well that they look better without clothes, but we had to promote the band goddamit!!) , can anybody recall it?

Hum, maybe not, so here's a little refresher for you all... and yes, they did it for real. Why? Because we're awesome, obvious ain't it? ;)

So, let's start from the beginning: before recording My Darkest Desire for The ZERO Hour EP (if you don't already have it you can download it for free here ) Andrea wrote a mail to Anita Dark ( ) asking her to record a small sentence to put as an intro to the song, without even hoping for a reply; instead she replied telling him that she was pleased about the thought, but she was more into doing maybe a couple of pics with our shirt on... Needless to say we were as happy as kids at their birthday party when we finally saw the pics!!


Obviously we couldn't ask for more, we were a perfectly unknown underground italian band without even a record out and one of our fav pornstars was posing with our shirt on... we were walking a couple of meters above the ground or so, ahahah! 

But it wasn't over yet, 'coz some time later I noticed that my juvenile crush (who didn't fall in love with her after seening one of her movies? ;) ) Silvia Saint ( ) was guesting at a local strip club, so we simply grabbed a shirt and went (without even gettind drunk, quite unusual for those days) to the club... Again, we politely gave her the shirt like kids in awe asking for a couple of pics without really hoping for her to do so, obviously you can imagine my suprise when after a bunch of weeks I opened my email and saw this:

You can bet your ass I jumped on my chair (or got an erection... humm, probably both, ahah!); not only one, but even two world-famous pornstars with our shirt on?! Holy crap, it was too much for our poor romantic hearts... ^_^ 

And that's the whole story, quite unusual, ain't it? Needless to say we had the brilliant idea to switch name to 5 Star Grave for the first record, but that's another story and it will be explained another time...

Herr Lycanthroat

lunedì 3 settembre 2012

The Jester Breed

Another funny thing I've noticed during some interviews is that people still have an hard time detaching the "stage persona" from the person itself.

It seems that if you growl your ass out at shows, howl about murder and rape or dress in a bloodstained shirt people expect you to bark their faces off during interviews or stuff like that and are somewhat suprised if they meet a friendly and talkative person instead... Honestly I find  this quite weird.

You don't expect Robert Englund to slash your face off with a claw if you meet him only because he did the Nightmare On Elm Street movies, right? Or Jack Nicholson to stab you with an axe (well, maybe HE could do that after all ahahah...) if you ask for an autograph?! Well, music and acting ain't that different, we're all part of the same breed of jesters.

I'm not sayin' that the character people see on stage is something fake, but that is usually just a part of that person and you can't really expect him (or her) to feel and act like that 24/7.

That's why, on the other hand,  as a listener I usually force myself to judge entertainers (I never use the word "art" for music, I'm not that pretentious to consider what we do art) for what they put on records or perform on stage exclusively, 'coz many times I've found out that besides the musicianship there's nothing more than a shit person.

And that's weird as well, 'coz it's quite amusing when you find out that someone that creates such amazing music ain't nothing more than a delusional prick in everyday life.

It honestly took me a while to make up my mind on this particular subject, back in the days I used to care more about the person rather than the musician and sometimes I just quit listening to a particular band as soon as I realized how insignificant they were as persons, while now I simply accept the fact that some of us can still create amazing tunes even if they're complete retards.

Sure, there are a lot of exceptions, but still I prefer to avoid to meet my childhood idols... You know, it would be too much to discover that the guys I've idolized as a kid ain't nothing but a bunch of morons, ahah!

Oh dear, quite a serious entry I've done this time... How inconvenient.

Well, next time we'll talk about something more interesting, like... Hm... Pussy! Ok?! Yeah, of course you agree...

Take care dudes!

Herr Lycanthroat

lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Know Your Place

"Your lyrics are so silly, you should give a deeper message to the fans!"

Christ, please, gimme back the 80s.

This is what I honestly think when I happen to read some comments or interviews completely out of place... I mean, nowadays music scene is such a big melting pot: a lot of interesting musicians (not like the old days, but hey, you cannot replace the masters after all), a decent amount of cool records, nice new ways to approach music and so on... But, no matter what, still some people completely fail to understand what this should be all about. Both bands, fans and all in between.

By the way I see it music means entertainment. ENTERTAINMENT, pure and simple. And honestly reading lyrics or interviews filled with political bullshit ain't that entertaining at all. 
I mean, if you wanna discuss politics why don't you become a politician? You only need to be a thief and a liar to do so, it shouldn't be that hard after all... But if you're a musician or a performer it doesn't really matter how acute your political ideas may be (usually they're not), at the end of the day you're still a jester on a stage and your job is to entertain people and make them have a good time, not bore them to death.

I'm not against having idea(l)s at all and rock'n'roll music has always been a damn good way to "rebel against society", but when I see heavy metal bands open their mouths just to support this or that candidate to the new goddamn elections and stuff like that over and over again it really makes me think that something's gone quite out of place.

I really miss the good old days when the sole concern of some of my fav bands was to get pussy, drugs and alcohol... Sure, it wasn't politically correct, but it was funny and for christ's sake, damn entertaining. 
This is what rock 'n' roll and heavy metal are all about: having a bloody good time! 
But no, now it seems that all the wannabe politicians, saviours of society and so on are forming metal bands... weird. Damn. Fuck! I'm glad there's still The Bloodhound Gang our there to put a smile on my face!
To make it clear, as long as you say that our tiny dirty world sucks I'm completely ok with you (I do it a lot as well!) but if you start to preach you simply need to fuck off, end of the story.

Besides, we all know that society sucks, but if I wanna inform myself about laws, governments or politicians I read a dedicated newspaper or a book, I don't listen to a rock'n'roll record.
Too bad some of my childhood heroes have gone a little off their heads too, discovered god, government conspiracies etc. and lost the point of what they were doing along the way... Again, please, gimme back the 80s.

So, to cut this light-hearted rant short, I'm damn glad our lyrics may sound silly to you Mr "let's find the meaning of life in a rock'n'roll song", 'coz that's exactly what they're supposed to sound to retards like you, asshole! ;)

Piss & love,
have fun and listen to Alice Cooper dudes, it will make your life far better!
Herr Lycanthroat

mercoledì 4 luglio 2012

No Devil liveD oN: A Play on Words

Right people,
let's talk about this palindrome thing called "No Devil liveD oN" we've got goin' on in our latest album Drugstore Hell..

First of all, what the fuck a palindrome is?!

As the mighty Wikipedia says: "A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of units that may be read the same way in either direction, with general allowances for adjustments to punctuation and word dividers."

Indeed, despite reading a lot of bullshit on Wiki on a daily basis I agree on that.

So, keeping in mind that a palindrome is something like this

we can finally analyze the "No Devil liveD oN" structure in depth, easily discovering that it follows this pattern:


Brilliant ain't it?

Assuming that no one has ever done something like this before in the history of music you could tend to think we deserve some sort of recognition for our rampant genius (or dementia, who knows...), but no, obviously the rest of the world (yes I'm addressing the Guinness World Records directly) couldn't care less and this almost got unnoticed... Ahh, cruel world!

What's left to say? Ah yeah, that the palindromic structure refers to both music and lyrics, obviously!

Want some more behind-the-scenes infos? Well... I have to admit that the first time Andrea told me about this idea I thought it was complete nonsense... ahahah!
And maybe I was right, 'coz nonsense ain't nothing but a form of higher sense, ain't it?!

There's also another version of the song, an ebm remix by our friend vDiva, the palindrome thing is gone but you can still enjoy some damn good beats, here's the link:

Do I need to tell you again that you can download the track for free as part of the Drugstore Hell Exclusive Vip Package at the following location?

Naah, you already know that...

Cheerz people,
see ya next time!

Herr Lycanthroat

venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Back In Blood

Well well cenobites,
some mad fool (Herr Rabe) gave me the opportunity to express my blatant dementia in a public blog, unaware of the dreadful consequences of this action, so here I am introducing you to our first "behind the scenes" interlude.

As probably some of you may know we have a brand new album out called Drugstore Hell and while doin' some warm-up shows to scratch the rust from our old bones we're also tryin' out some new stage props to see if they work or miserably fail.

So, first of all let me introduce you the gentleman here, Mr Creepy King:

He is usually a nice guy, better known as Ale, our guitar player, but he randomly turns into a rabid red monster and every time he does so he needs to purge his insania painting stuff to avoid eating children, hanging nuns or other illegal actions like that... You can see some of his works here: .

Anyway, being the artistic brain of the band he's also been charged to create our new stage outfits ('coz having him develop the new album's artwork and all the graphics we need for t-shirts, websites, flyers and random promotion was obviously not enough) and after listening to our very competent outputs on the matter ("We want blood, we want blood!", "More blood, more blood!") you can see him here diligently working on our new bloodstained shirts:

And here's how they look like after all the blood has been spilled:

Very well, we can't wait to test the new shirts on stage and tease the Creepy one once more in case they need some more treatment...
I guess it's all for now dudes, see ya next time and have a bloody weekend!

Herr Lycanthroat