lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Know Your Place

"Your lyrics are so silly, you should give a deeper message to the fans!"

Christ, please, gimme back the 80s.

This is what I honestly think when I happen to read some comments or interviews completely out of place... I mean, nowadays music scene is such a big melting pot: a lot of interesting musicians (not like the old days, but hey, you cannot replace the masters after all), a decent amount of cool records, nice new ways to approach music and so on... But, no matter what, still some people completely fail to understand what this should be all about. Both bands, fans and all in between.

By the way I see it music means entertainment. ENTERTAINMENT, pure and simple. And honestly reading lyrics or interviews filled with political bullshit ain't that entertaining at all. 
I mean, if you wanna discuss politics why don't you become a politician? You only need to be a thief and a liar to do so, it shouldn't be that hard after all... But if you're a musician or a performer it doesn't really matter how acute your political ideas may be (usually they're not), at the end of the day you're still a jester on a stage and your job is to entertain people and make them have a good time, not bore them to death.

I'm not against having idea(l)s at all and rock'n'roll music has always been a damn good way to "rebel against society", but when I see heavy metal bands open their mouths just to support this or that candidate to the new goddamn elections and stuff like that over and over again it really makes me think that something's gone quite out of place.

I really miss the good old days when the sole concern of some of my fav bands was to get pussy, drugs and alcohol... Sure, it wasn't politically correct, but it was funny and for christ's sake, damn entertaining. 
This is what rock 'n' roll and heavy metal are all about: having a bloody good time! 
But no, now it seems that all the wannabe politicians, saviours of society and so on are forming metal bands... weird. Damn. Fuck! I'm glad there's still The Bloodhound Gang our there to put a smile on my face!
To make it clear, as long as you say that our tiny dirty world sucks I'm completely ok with you (I do it a lot as well!) but if you start to preach you simply need to fuck off, end of the story.

Besides, we all know that society sucks, but if I wanna inform myself about laws, governments or politicians I read a dedicated newspaper or a book, I don't listen to a rock'n'roll record.
Too bad some of my childhood heroes have gone a little off their heads too, discovered god, government conspiracies etc. and lost the point of what they were doing along the way... Again, please, gimme back the 80s.

So, to cut this light-hearted rant short, I'm damn glad our lyrics may sound silly to you Mr "let's find the meaning of life in a rock'n'roll song", 'coz that's exactly what they're supposed to sound to retards like you, asshole! ;)

Piss & love,
have fun and listen to Alice Cooper dudes, it will make your life far better!
Herr Lycanthroat

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