lunedì 3 settembre 2012

The Jester Breed

Another funny thing I've noticed during some interviews is that people still have an hard time detaching the "stage persona" from the person itself.

It seems that if you growl your ass out at shows, howl about murder and rape or dress in a bloodstained shirt people expect you to bark their faces off during interviews or stuff like that and are somewhat suprised if they meet a friendly and talkative person instead... Honestly I find  this quite weird.

You don't expect Robert Englund to slash your face off with a claw if you meet him only because he did the Nightmare On Elm Street movies, right? Or Jack Nicholson to stab you with an axe (well, maybe HE could do that after all ahahah...) if you ask for an autograph?! Well, music and acting ain't that different, we're all part of the same breed of jesters.

I'm not sayin' that the character people see on stage is something fake, but that is usually just a part of that person and you can't really expect him (or her) to feel and act like that 24/7.

That's why, on the other hand,  as a listener I usually force myself to judge entertainers (I never use the word "art" for music, I'm not that pretentious to consider what we do art) for what they put on records or perform on stage exclusively, 'coz many times I've found out that besides the musicianship there's nothing more than a shit person.

And that's weird as well, 'coz it's quite amusing when you find out that someone that creates such amazing music ain't nothing more than a delusional prick in everyday life.

It honestly took me a while to make up my mind on this particular subject, back in the days I used to care more about the person rather than the musician and sometimes I just quit listening to a particular band as soon as I realized how insignificant they were as persons, while now I simply accept the fact that some of us can still create amazing tunes even if they're complete retards.

Sure, there are a lot of exceptions, but still I prefer to avoid to meet my childhood idols... You know, it would be too much to discover that the guys I've idolized as a kid ain't nothing but a bunch of morons, ahah!

Oh dear, quite a serious entry I've done this time... How inconvenient.

Well, next time we'll talk about something more interesting, like... Hm... Pussy! Ok?! Yeah, of course you agree...

Take care dudes!

Herr Lycanthroat

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